Fermentation Workshop

Connect to local food on a microscopic level with fermentation: the ancient practice of preserving and enhancing food by way of a simple dance with nature.

Anyone can safely ferment foods at home. In this class we will learn how human culture, civilization, evolution and optimum health are linked to fermentation. Why is it so important to eat fermented foods? How can you safely, easily and joyously create your own probiotic foods and beverages at home?

Our primary focus will be fundamental techniques for fermenting vegetables, but we will also talk about beverages with a focus on spontaneous fermentation. We will taste delicious examples of both.

You will leave class with:
-straightforward information on how to safely and easily ferment foods at home
-knowledge of the fascinating history and massive benefits of fermented foods
-your own just-made sauerkraut and/or brined vegetables

Pre-registration is requested. We expect this class to fill up quickly! To register, e-mail us atwildwestferments@gmail.com with ‘class registration’ in the subject line and we will send along the details. Or come visit us at the Farmers’ Market. Point Reyes Station Saturdays 9-1 at Toby’s Feed Barn. San Rafael Civic Center market Sundays 8-1.
Workshop Fee is sliding scale $40- $65
Participating in the lecture only is a possibility for a discount, please contact us if you are interested in this option.

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