Get your fermented foods!

This week at the market:

KIMCHI is back!

-Signature Twice Sown (Cumin, Coriander)
-Inspired by Sausage (fennel seed, anise seed, red pepper flakes)

-Classic Dills (garlic, dill, cukes)
-Indian Spiced (turmeric, mustard seed, fresh ginger, cumin, hot pepper)


-Tangy Beet Salad(Beets, Apple, Cabbage, Caraway and more..)

-Curtido (Taqueria style carrots, jalapenos, onions, radish, garlic and spices)

-Roots Culture Kimchi  (Root veg. with the classic kimchi spice quartet)

-Crown Jewel (currant cardamom soda)
-Apple Lemon soda
-Quinoa Rejuvelac
-Sauerkraut Juice
-Pickle Brine

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3 comments on “Get your fermented foods!
  1. uri says:

    Hi! I’m a big fan of what you guys are doing. I tried to come to the San Rafael farmers market yesterday (Sunday) but it didn’t look like anything was going on? Was it canceled because of the rain, or was I in the wrong location?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Uri ~
    Sorry you missed us. We opted out of the market Sunday because of dismal weather forecast and a previous obligation to stand outside all day in the rain elsewhere! (Permaculture class). Can’t say for sure if you were in the right or wrong place….It takes place in the big parking lot between the 101 and the Marin Civic Center market. Usually it would be very hard to miss..Maybe no one showed up! We’ll be back this Thursday and Sunday, and we’re also in Point Reyes on Saturdays for two more weeks – so come see us! Thanks!

  3. uri says:

    Cool, thanks :)

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