This week in Ferments…

Quinoa Rejuvelac
Peaches ‘n’ Dreams soda (that’s the last of this year’s peaches with honey and almond extract)
Currant Cardamom Soda (the new favorite)
Golden Delicious Lemon Soda

Dill Flowerkraut
Simply Sauerkraut (plain. Lots of people asked for this over the last couple of months, but I guess we’ve got them all trained now, ’cause they only wanna buy the flavors!)
Twice Sown…our signature kraut with cumin seeds and coriander seeds.
Curtido (Taqueria-style carrots, jalapenos, radish, onion, garlic, spices….It makes a quesadilla something more)

That’s it folks!
Next week: Kim Chi! Tangy Beet Salad, and a possibility of Huckleberry Soda.

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