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OUT OF THE CROCK… on to the market

This week at the market: Sauerkraut: -Dill Flowerkraut (Dill flowers) -Signature Twice Sown (Cumin, Coriander) -Plain! -Inspired by Sausage (fennel seed, anise seed, red pepper flakes) Pickles: LAST WEEK FOR PICKLES UNTIL NEXT YEAR! -Classic Dills (garlic, dill, cukes) -Indian

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This week in Ferments…

Lacto-fermented vegetables: From the cellar: *Our Signature “Twice Sown” sauerkraut with cumin and coriander seeds. *Kraut Classique- Green Cabbage, Carraway Seed, Juniper Berries *Lemon Poppy- Green Cabbage, Lemon Wedges, Poppy Seeds *Real Dill Pickles- Cucumbers, Garlic, Dill Flowers, Grape Leaves

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Freestone Fermenation Festival Finished (whew!)

The festival was a blast – lots of great goodies to sample…good eat and drink and good vibes all around.  Thanks to all those who came by the Wild West Ferments booth and gave us words of encouragement.  We’re fizzing

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A fermented juniper berry drink from Bosnia STEP ONE: Combine 1 cup dried juniper berries with 2 quarts chlorine-free water STEP TWO: Watch.  When all the berries have sunk to the bottom (one month or less in warm weather) the

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REJUVELAC! A probiotic grain drink containing B, E, and K vitamins FIRST STEP: Soak 1 cup wheat, rye berries or other grain (Quinoa is delicious) in chlorine-free water For 8-12 hours. SECOND STEP: Drain soaked grain, cover with water, and

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Food, Farms and Fermentation Explorations

Eastern Europe offers a look into the past where organic family farms produce the majority of their food which is often preserved for the winter by various fermentation methods. Our goal was primarily to learn about the different fermentation’s that

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